Perry's Dairy Farm


On Friday I visited Perry’s Dairy Farm in Canton, CT.

Perry’s Dairy Farm was originally owned by George Landfield. The current owner is Scott. Back in the day, Scott’s mother always wanted to have a farm. One day, she was driving down the road with her husband and she decided to check out this farm. They weren’t sure if they wanted the place and if they people wanted to sell. Turns our the original owner did, so they purchased the land. When Scott was 18 he built the milking barn. It has three floors and his family lived in the middle for some time.

Overall, this experience was rewarding. I knew two of Scott’s workers, Ashley and Chris (pictured in last photo together), so it was very easy to get comfortable in the setting. I learned to not be close to animals’ backsides because they won’t wait for you to move to do their business. I also learned that farmers are hard workers. LIKE SUPER HARD! I defiantly gained some insight on what they do and how long it takes to do it. Their resilience did not go unnoticed. After everything I saw and experienced, I 1000% want to keep going forward with this idea.

My development in Lightroom shifted from color to black and white. I felt that the blacks and whites made the photographs pop more and emphasized the details and subjects more than color. I learned some new things from the linked youtube video, like holding alt while clicking on the words in basic column. This blacked out the photo and only showed you the blacks, whites, highlights, and shadows individually. So helpful!

I am really excited to find another farm I can capture and share with y’all.