Shiloh Run Farm


Next farm! Shiloh Run Farm. This farm is located in Harwinton. It is owned by Liz and Mark Mierzejewski. Liz and Mark are both high school teachers and are farmers on the side. Fun fact: Mr. Mierzejewski was my brother’s science teacher in high school. Anyways, back to their farm! Their farm has Nigerian dwarf goats, chickens, and Royal Palm turkeys. Liz and Mark love making their homemade hot sauce, sourced from their backyard greenhouse. I do plan on returning back to their farm in the spring to photograph their greenhouse.

From last weeks blog, I mentioned I wrote on the Facebook CT Agriculture group about how I was open to taking lifestyle farm photography (for FREE) and many farmers jumped on that deal. So again, I am very thankful I have more farms to shoot for this upcoming spring. I also mentioned in class that this project/photo book and blog will be HUGE for me because the end products of this class will be deliverables in my thesis.

Some Notes About The Farm:
- The Mierzejewskis bought their house with the farm already built.
- The goats love to rub their heads against anything that has an edge. So they filled their pens with wooden pallets.
- The blue eyed male goat (8th picture) was able to breed with more than half the female goats at this farm. Little secret: the wooden pallets helped for height ;)
- The Polish Male chicken was not liked by the many female chickens and was pecked on, so much so that he lost a majority of his head feathers. Liz is trying to find a new home for him.
- The Royal Palm Turkey was explained to me to be hostile, but he never did snap or attack me or the camera. He did come very close though.
”A male turkey’s face will change color depending on his mood. A blue face means he is excited or happy, while a solid red face is a sign of aggression.”