Mountain View Farm


Leland and his dad are the owners of Mountain View Farm in Goshen, Connecticut. Leland’s father grew up as a farmer and he followed in his footsteps. He mentioned, “Close to half on my father’s side was on a farm or still is on a farm, either their kids or their grandkids.” In fact, Leland’s cousin owns Kimberly Farm in New Milford, Connecticut (a farm I am adding to my list). Leland started off with with nothing. Believe it or not, this was actually a high school project that blossomed. He started with one cow, one calf and one tractor, his fathers. “I started off with junk” Leland said. In the begining, everything was borrowed from close friends.

Today, Mountain View Farm owns 46 cows and all new equipment. They rent 400+ acres of land.

Some Notes About The Farm:
- Leland can get 700-800 acres of crops because he overlaps x2
- His dad grew up in Colebrook, CT and had 13 siblings
- Half of Leland’s dad’s family was on a farm or still is on a farm and their kids or their grandkids have taken over