Weigold Dairy Farm


Weigold Dairy Farm in Collinsville, Connecticut is not thriving as it once was. Milk sales have gone down and Karl Weigold, 7th generation Perry Weigold farmer blames the nut milk ideology. Almond milk was not popular in the early 2000s, however in 2011, nut milk attained an enormous popularity with the U.S. Its sales increased by 79 percent. In fact, almond milk outsells any other non-dairy milk, including rice and soy milk. “It accounts for 4.1 percent of total milk sales- compared to less than one half percent just five years ago” (Fortune). Because of the nut milk ideology Americans created, over 300 dairy farms have closed in Wisconsin. Wisconsin, for a time, was the second-largest dairy-producing state. How can we come back from this?

Some Notes About The Farm:
-Father and Son own the farm together
-They sell their milk to Guida’s Dairy
-They had 10 pumps to milk the cows, morning and evening