Trifecta Ecosystems


Trifecta Ecosystems uses indoor aquaponics to grow crops. Aquaponics is the combination of aquaculture and hydroponics. They are located in Meriden, CT. Fun fact, they may be partnering with CCSU’s dinning hall to provide students with the freshest bar they’ve ever seen in their lives! The roots of the plants grow in the water and can be seen in the fourth and (even more) in the sixth photo. Trifecta Ecosystems is pattered with Weekly Harvest right now. Weekly Harvest delivers salads to your workplace for $20 a week.

Fun Facts:
- they make their own in-house salad dressing
- Catfish are fertilizing the crops right now, but soon they will switch to coy (large goldfish)
- They started the business in their college dorm room and was so successful with the growth of crops they decided to start selling