Tripledale Farm


In 2006, Kim and Mike Brockett started Tripledale Farm with several llamas and goats. Later, they added donkeys and sheep. The two travel all across Connecticut to educate children about agriculture. They own a rare donkey breed, American Mammoth Jackstock. During the late 1700s, George Washington wanted to improve livestock. He sought out ways, such as investments and stud services from other global breeders, to promote the American ass breed. “Mammoth Jacks are sturdy and tall, with massive legs and large, well-made heads. The ears are especially long, often measuring 33" from tip to tip. Selection has always been made for size and substance” (Livestock Conservancy). The Brockett's six donkeys were enormous! Kim made it clear that “our donkeys could live to be 40 or 50 years old. So, assuming that our son doesn’t want them, we have provisions in our will. We have a list of people or organizations that could have them, and we also have money set aside for their perpetual care.” They have put their most prized animals in their will. The community often does not hear about farmers caring for their animals this much, but it is true. Kim and Mike want to see their donkeys cared for even if they are not around. That is pure endearment.